Episode 311



Damien, Brandon, Julie, Page, and Tasha go on a trip to Las Vegas. Steve stays behind. Julie notices one man in several places at once. Robert "Quantum Rogue" Paris is tainted with the ability to multiply his body, literally being in several places at once. He uses this ability to cheat in the casino. He has drawn a crowd around him as he is on an amazing winning streak. He is also among the crowd, seeing the other players' hands.

Damien meets Grace Fisher at the casino. He separates from the team and spends the rest of the trip with her. She is from Los Angeles, too. She tells him she works for a non-profit organization, The Coalition for Tainted Rights (CTR). Damien falls for her and tells her he is tainted. Page is surprised to find that she is a little jealous of Grace.

Brandon, Julie, and Tasha confront Robert outside the casino. He tells them it is no big deal, the house always wins and it is for a food cause. He gives the money away to poor tainted people. Meanwhile, the hotel security office sees him in several places at once. One of them is a member of the FGP. He makes a call. Later, an FGP assassin sneaks into Robert's room. Robert escapes but learns of the FGP's existence. The next morning, Robert is asked to leave the casino. A group of FGP militia attack him and try to steal his winnings. The team sees the fight and come to his aid. They defeat the FGP and escape with Robert. They warn him to leave and not return. He thanks them and gives them his card. He is a fundraiser for the CTR.

Steve talks with Deanna. He is insecure about being the leader. He is not sure he knows what he is doing. Deanna assures him that he is doing fine.