Episode 312



Brandon sees his old girlfriend, Lilah Reyes. They were together for two years and she broke his heart when she left him. Lilah and Brandon do not know that the other is tainted. Lilah has the ability to charge things with all their potential kinetic energy. Essentially she can turn any object into an explosive bomb. Page is jealous of Lilah. Brandon tells her nothing is going on. They fight and decide to take a break.

Damien and Grace start going out. She shows him the CTR Headquarters downtown. Damien is surprised to have such strong feelings for a norm. He talks to Page about it, unaware of how uncomfortable she is with it.

Steve gets information from an informant that there is a large shipment of the neutralizing serum going out of BioGen. Steve decides to intercept the trucks and steal the serum. Julie talks him out of it saying the serum should be destroyed. She is against stealing. Steve agrees. The team intercepts the trucks and finds something else inside. They are then ambushed by Victoria "Magnetica" Fox (207) and agents from BioGen. Victoria kills the drivers of the trucks. She flees as the police arrive, framing them for the murders. They fight the police and escape with a small sample of the formula inside and the shipping slip. Victoria reports back to Donald Keller at BioGen. The team is now wanted for murder. Steve calls Detective Ramsey only to find that he died on duty. Deanna and Tasha study the samples.

Meanwhile, Julie gets some bad news from Deanna. Steve and Julie go out to dinner together. She puts the engagement ring on the table. She tells him she cannot have children and she knows how badly he wants to have a family. Steve is devastated and shocked. Julie leaves him before he can react.