Episode 313



Steve is devastated by what Julie told him (312). He talks to Brandon about it. Brandon tells him he has to weigh what is more important to him, Julie or having kids. Brandon goes to see Julie. She is very upset.

Deanna and Tasha tell the team the formula going out from BioGen was not the neutralizing serum. It is a virus that is fatal to anyone who is tainted. Brandon points out that there were three trucks full of that virus. Tasha says they were being shipped to a warehouse by the docks, to a company that as far as she can determine does not exist. Steve and Julie are both distracted and uncomfortable around each other. Steve says they should check out the warehouse.

Brandon forgets about a dinner date he had with Lilah. She shows up at the mansion and sees the team leaving. She follows them to the warehouse. She is discovered by the FGP agents. Brandon sees her and discovers she is tainted when she uses her powers to defend herself. The team attacks and a large fight breaks out while the virus is being loaded on a ship. They defeat the agents, but the FGP escapes with the virus. Brandon and Lilah talk about their powers. She tells him it was why they broke up. Brandon tells her about the trouble he and Page are having.

Damien goes out with Grace and tells her about the virus. He spends the night with her.

Tasha works in the lab late at night trying to develop an anti-virus. Steve and Julie avoid each other, both contemplating their future.