Episode 314



Steve asks Deanna about Julie's condition. Deanna tells him she can't discuss it with him. She does tell him that Julie's condition is permanent.

Grace learns that she is pregnant. She tells Damien and says she wants to keep the baby. Damien leaves saying he needs time to think. He tells Page he does not know what to do.

Tasha goes to an AA meeting. Outside, she sees Larry Washington attacked by a group of teenagers who are tainted. Tasha steps in and uses her powers to save him. The teenagers flee. Tasha talks to Larry who is shocked to discover she is tainted. He agrees to keep her secret. Unfortunately, Betty Sims also saw what happened. She tells everyone and at the next meeting, Tasha is asked to leave.

Lilah meets with Page, who is very stand offish. She does not deny her feelings for Brandon, but says she had her chance. She tells Page that Brandon loves her and nothing happened between them. Page asks her to leave, but thinks about what she said. Brandon meets with Julie. They both talk about their problems. Julie is devastated saying she did this to herself. Her painkiller addiction is the reason she can not have kids.

We see an FGP facility in Australia. They are unloading the virus from BioGen. Donald Keller is there with the Board of Directors. They talk about getting the virus to the launch sites. Logan "Sounder" Simmons spies on them. He is tainted with a scream that can knock people out. He slips away, but he is seen. Agents go after him and he uses his sonic scream against them. He calls Steve. It turns out he is one of Kimberly's informants.