Episode 315



Steve, Brandon, Julie, and Tasha go to Australia and meet with Logan. He tells them that a large shipment of the virus arrived and leads them to the FGP's Australian Base. They break in and listen in on the Board of Directors. They hear them talking about X-Day. They do not know what it means. Tasha gets on a computer, but she is detected. They find out where the virus is being kept. A fight breaks out. The team narrowly escapes. The agents tell the Board that they accessed the holding area. The team finds that the location is remote. Tasha says if the canisters are ruptured the gas will kill them and any tainted person in the area. They have to be able to blow it up from a distance. Tasha says she can do it, but they need a chopper. Logan hooks them up. After confirming the virus is there, Tasha blows up the entire building from the helicopter. The other team members are in awe of this display of power. Tasha creates an enormous explosion as the helicopter flies away. The fire fills the horizon in the desert. On the flight home, they talk about Tasha's powers and discuss what X-Day might be.

Damien decides to do the honorable thing and marry Grace. He loves her. He goes out with Page to buy an engagement ring. Page finds that she is happy for Damien. He has come a long way from the criminal mastermind he once was. Damien is nervous. Page drives him to the CTR Office. Damien is going to propose. As he walks up to the building, he hears gunshots from inside. He rushes in, just as the shooters flee. He sees their faces and chases after them until he sees Grace mortally wounded. He takes her in his arms. She tells him she loves him and dies in his arms.

To Be Continued...