Episode 316



Page sees Damien come out of the CTR office with Grace in his arms. Page gets out of the car as Damien falls to his knees with Grace. Page tries to hold back her tears. Damien tells her it was them. Leah Parker covers the story of the attack on the CTR Headquarters.

Steve, Brandon, Julie, and Tasha return from Australia. Steve and Tasha talk about making changes to Kimberly's private jet and installing various devices and computers. Tasha says she will take care of it. They also discuss what X-Day could be. Page tells them about Grace. They all go to the funeral. Damien isolates himself from the rest of the team and asks Leah to help him find those responsible. Damien goes after the FGP. He finds the shooters from the CTR and kills them. He finds the FGP Los Angeles Office and walks in attacking everyone inside. Leah tells the team she thinks Damien has lost it. Steve fears the worst, that Damien has gone evil again. Page disagrees and says they need to find him.

They catch up with him in San Diego. He again is in the midst of attacking those inside the FGP facility. The team intercedes and they face off. He defeats most of them. Julie attacks his mind and Page talks to him. He finally breaks down crying in Page's arms. Brandon sees them together and is jealous. The police arrive as the team all leaves together.

Later, Steve tells Damien that now his actions have put the entire team at risk. Brandon asks Page if she still has feelings for Damien. She says she does not know. He says she has to make a choice. Page is left conflicted between her feelings for Damien and her feelings for Brandon.