Episode 317



Steve finally talks to Julie about their situation. She tells him she understands. She knows how badly he wants a family. He says he wants her more. He gives her the ring and says he loves her. He says there is more to a family than children. He can not imagine his life without her and he says he already has a family. The team has become that for him. Julie is relieved to hear him say that and they make up.

Page consoles and comforts Damien. They kiss. Brandon sees them together. Page discusses her feelings with Julie. Julie tells her she has to follow her heart. Brandon meanwhile vents to Lilah. She comforts him saying Page and Damien have a history. They have been through a lot together. Brandon tells Lilah that they have a history together, too. Brandon and Page agree to break up. He and Lilah decide to take things slow and see where it goes. Tasha works on the jet, installing state-of-the-art computers and equipment. Brandon talks with her about Lilah and Page.

Julie gets a call from her mother, Lynnette Smith, in New Orleans. Her father, Rev. Darrel Smith, was attacked and is in the hospital. Steve and Julie go down to see them. We also see Emma Smith, Julie's younger sister. Darrel is in intensive care. Lynnette tells them that it was someone from their church who does not like the fact that Darrel accepts the tainted. They go to church on Sunday where Julie telepathically scans everyone in the congregation. They discover that it is Andrew Cole, a deacon in the church. He is very prejudice against the tainted. When he feels they are on to him, he flees after the service. They track him down. Lynnette calls the police and Julie makes him confess. Julie's dad feels better. Her parents are happy she and Steve have worked things out. Darrel has a talk with Steve. They are all looking forward to the wedding.