Episode 318



The team discusses what X-Day might be. Tasha says their sources came up with nothing. Steve is concerned and says they should find out because it does not sound good. They decide to infiltrate an FGP facility. Julie and Page grab a few men going in and out of the building and try to get them to talk. Unfortunatley, none of them know what is going on. They tell Steve. He says they need a shapeshifter. He calls Crystal Marx and she arrives with Alan "Morpher" Tandy. Steve tells Alan he needs him to go in and get on a computer. He will have a comm link with Tasha and she will guide him through the computer part. The team captures an FGP agent and Alan morphs into him and takes his place. He gets on the computer and Tasha talks to him from the van. He uploads all the files on X-Day. As soon as the transfer is complete, an alarm is set off. Alan is caught inside. The team is about to go in after him, but Julie senses that he has already been killed. They escape.

Crystal is upset at Steve for getting Alan killed. He feels guilty and responsible. Julie tells him not to blame himself. Tasha says the files are encrypted and it will take some time to crack it. Brandon and Page talk about Damien and Lilah. They both are okay with it, saying if it is meant to be, they will end up together again. The feelings are still there.

Steve asks Brandon to be his Best Man. Julie asks Tasha to be her Maid of Honor.

Donald Keller meets with The Board of Directors. They are concerned that the team may have learned of their plans. Keller is also angry at the loss in Australia. He tells the Board they will have to pay for it. They agree. Keller says he will take care of the team. He calls someone on the phone.