Episode 319



Mr. Keller sends Brad "Adonis" Daniels after Julie, Page, and Tasha. Brad is tainted with the ability to put women under his spell just by looking into their eyes. He is extremely good looking and is thoroughly enjoying his powers. He has many girlfriends who serve him. He was tainted by BioGen and owes them. Brad "accidentally" bumps into each of the girls. They all fall under his spell. He makes a date with them all. That night, Brad stops by the mansion and picks them up. Page, Julie, and Tasha all kiss Brad and get into his convertible. The guys are shocked, hurt, and baffled by the girls' behavior. Brad tells the guys not to wait up and drives off with the girls. Brandon says he must be tainted like Page. The guys meet with Deanna and Leah. Leah promises to look into any unusual female behavior stories. Deanna says it is very possible that he does have the girls under his spell. If that is the case, keeping them apart should allow it to wear off, as it does with Page's powers.

Meanwhile, at Brad's mansion, the girls are all in bathing suits. They feed him grapes and give him massages. He asks them questions from a sheet Keller gave him. They tell him everything. He laughs in devilish pleasure. Steve checks the mansion's surveillance cameras and gets the car's plates. Leah uses her contacts at the LAPD to get an address. Brad takes two other girls into the bedroom. The guys break into the mansion. Julie sees Steve and begins o snap out of the spell. Steve pulls her aside and tells her what happened. She tells him to leave it to her. She closes her eyes and uses her powers to free all the girls from Brad's spell. The girls disperse. Julie breaks into the bedroom. The girls with Brad snap out of it and run out. One of them screams that he raped her. Brad is in a panic. He looks at Julie, but her eyes are closed. She telekinetically closes his eyes and opens hers. She calls him a sick pervert and tells him she made all the girls remember all that happened. She tells him she hopes he has a good lawyer.

Later, Julie tells Steve he asked them a lot of questions and says he was working for someone. It was no coincidence that he came after them. Brandon asks Page if she ever used her powers like Brad. She says no, but there are times when it is tempting.