Episode 320



Steve and Julie get ready for their upcoming wedding. She takes care of most of it, while Steve tries to figure out what X-Day is. Tasha finally cracks the code and the team meets. She tells them the virus produced by BioGen is being shipped to several launch sites around the world. On May 20th, they plan to launch the rockets into the stratosphere and release the virus. That is the day before Steve and Julie's wedding. It will blanket the globe and kill every tainted person on the planet. The team is shocked. Steve asks where. Tasha says Chicago, London, Beijing, Cairo, Sydney, and Rio De Janeiro. Steve notifies all their contacts to keep an eye out. He says they will need help. Steve puts out the word that the tainted need to stay underground on May 20th, in case they fail. Tasha says the launch will be controlled from one main computer based in London. She says each member of the Board of Directors and Donald Keller have remote detonators.

Steve calls a huge meeting. Mariah Campbell, Rachel Fields, Logan Simmons, Jason Carrington, Lilah Reyes, Robert Paris, and Crystal Marx all join the team. They all agree to help. Steve breaks it down. Leah Parker will use their news satellites to keep the communication open between the different locations.

Tasha and Robert are going to London to stop the launch from the master computer.
Steve and Mariah will stop the launch in Chicago.
Damien and Rachel will take Cairo.
Brandon and Lilah will take Beijing.
Page and Jason will take Rio.
Julie and Logan will take Sydney.
Crystal will round up all the tainted people she can find in an underground bunker in the Nevada desert, just in case.