THE BIG DAY - Part One

Episode 321



The team splits up.

In London, Tasha stops the master launch sequencer. When she is discovered, Robert multiplies and keeps the FGP and BioGen agents occupied. Unfortunately, Cary Wells is able to use his remote detonator. The virus is launched in London.

In Chicago, Steve and Mariah stop Arthur Jamison. He dies an accidental death. They get the remote detonator from him.

In Cairo, Damien and Rachel face Donald Keller. Damien kills him. They get the remote detonator and the virus is not launched.

In Rio, Page and Jason defeat Charles Law and destroy the remote detonator.

In Beijing, Brandon and Lilah defeat Ellen Henry and retrieve the remote detonator.

In Sydney, Julie and Logan do not get to Harold Newman in time. He launches the missiles.

Crystal Marx harbors all the tainted people she could find in the underground bunker. Leah keeps the heroes updated on each team's progress. She is horrified when she finds out the launch sequence has been initiated in Sydney and London.

To Be Continued...