THE BIG DAY - Part Two

Episode 322 - Season Finale



The launch of the anti-tainted virus missiles has been initiated in London and Sydney. In London, Tasha runs out to the roof despite Robert's pleads that they get out of there. She sees the missiles go up into the sky. Before the pods containing the virus are ejected she blows them up. She then continues to create an enormous swirl of fire through the sky, dissintegrating all the virus particles before they reach the surface. Robert is in awe of this power, but also a bit intimidated by it.

In Sydney, Julie telekinetically holds down the missiles as they try to launch. It causes the facility to catch fire. Julie takes Logan's hand and protects them with a telekinetic bubble. She also telekinetically removes the pods of the virus and protects them from the explosion. The entire facility explodes. Many die, but Julie, Logan, and the virus are safe. When it is all over, she collapses. Logan catches her.

Back in LA, the team reunites and discusses what happened. Julie is weak, but is okay. Steve asks if she wants to postpone the wedding. She says no.

The next day the wedding takes place. Steve and Julie are married by Reverend Darrel Smith in a church by the ocean. Brandon is there with Lilah. Page is there with Damien. As they all dance at the reception, Brandon and Page look at each other and smile. Tasha brought Logan. Mariah, Rachel, Jason, Robert, Leah, and Billy and Allison Quinn, are all in attendance as well as Lynnette and Emma Smith. The team is all very happy and some think about whether they will ever get married.