Episode 401 - Season Premiere



Steve and Julie are on their honeymoon in Hawaii. Unexplained storms begin hitting the island. A surfer dies from the waves. Julie senses anger and pain in the storm. She tells Steve that someone is behind this. They encounter Pierce "Thunder" Brennan, a tainted person who is unknowingly effecting the weather based on his mood. Pierce is having problems with his girlfriend, Kaya Reeves. Steve and Julie talk to him and make him realize his own powers. They help him and Kaya reconcile, and the weather returns to normal.

Back in LA, Brandon and Damien hang out at the mansion and have an awkward conversation about their girlfriends. Meanwhile, Tasha and Page go out shopping.

Leah Parker reports that Brad Daniels is facing several charges of sexual assualt (319). And Leah does an expose on the FGP and their plot to murder the tainted. After work, rogue FGP agents kidnap Leah. The organization has collapsed since the failure of X-Day (322). Fortunately, Leah has a tracking emergency device on her. It alerts the team. Brandon calls the girls and together they go in and rescue Leah. The agents are then arrested.

At Zander's Bar, Rebecca "Paralysis" Grey watches news reports about the huge explosion over London (322). She knows that it is Tasha. She is impressed by Tasha's awesome power.