Episode 402



The team welcomes Steve and Julie back from their honeymoon. Brandon briefs Steve on what has happened while they were away. They see a news report where Leah reports that BioGen has a new director, Helen Carmichael. Helen releases a statement saying that she will bring back BioGen's integrity in the scientific community. At the end of the episode, we see Helen talking to one of the scientists. It turns out she is trying to find a cure for the tainted.

Tasha has a nightmare and wakes up to find her bed on fire. The entire team is concerned. Tasha sees Deanna and asks her if she is losing control. Deanna runs some tests and says everything is fine with her.

Brandon and Lilah drop off supplies for Crystal and the other tainted outcasts at one of the safehouses. Later at dinner, they all discuss the outcasts, how young they are, how many of them do not know how to control their powers, and that their appearance is so different that they cannot go out in the day without being attacked. They come out to find someone trying to steal a car. Damien confronts him. The man shoots Damien, when it does not hurt him, he runs away. Damien laughs it off, but Steve warns him not to attract attention to them. When they come close to the mansion, they find the authorities all over the place.

They try to back away when they see Jake standing outside the van. He gets in and they drive away.