Episode 403



Jake and the team meet at The Grant Medical Center. He tells them that after Kimberly's funeral, he was taken to Washington D.C. for a full debriefing. They were coming after the team, but decided to drop the charges if Jake was willing to go on what was considered a suicide mission for the CIA. When Jake survived, he returned to find that they had been monitoring the team and planning a strike. When he confronted them, he was forced to resign. Steve asks him if he is back for good. Jake says no. He is not tainted, and without his FBI resources, he is no good to them now. He had hoped to reach them before the raid and warn them. He says he will only be in town for awhile before he retires to his home outside Vancouver. Steve says they cannot keep doing this. They need some way to legitimize themselves in the eyes of the law. Jake says there may be a way.

Meanwhile, in an abandoned warehouse, Rebecca Grey sits with her eyes closed, deep in thought. One of her new henchmen steps in to ask how it is going. She says it is coming along well. She has to be very gentle in her approach or else Julienifer Smith would detect her. She says not to worry, they will have complete control of Tasha Jones soon enough.

At the end of the episode, Steve says they need to become licensed private investigators. He says they can never go back to the mansion. Tasha is very irritated by the whole situation. She is frustrated at everything they had to leave behind at the mansion. She storms out and goes by the mansion. She starts fires in various parts of the mansion. She flashes a sinister smile of satisfaction as she watches the agents and cops flee the burning building in her rear view mirror.