Episode 404



Steve holds a meeting with the rest of the team. They talk about the fire at Kimberly's mansion. They think the FBI decided to destroy it after getting the evidence they wanted. He shows them the building where he plans to open shop. They also discuss their financial situation. They will all have to pitch in if this is to work. There are apartments above the office for them to move in to. After a long discussion, they all agree. Steve and Julie speak to the real estate agent and buy the property. Steve is a bit insecure about his decision. Julie reassures him that it is a good idea.

Brandon and Tasha buy the furniture and equipment. Tasha argues with a salesman and accidentally blows up a nearby computer. Brandon later confronts her. She says she did not mean to, but that for some reason that salesman made her very angry.

Julie and Tasha walk into LAPD Headquarters. Julie brain-freezes everyone in the building. Tasha gets on the computer and erases any records they had on the team. Julie also erases everyone's short-term memory so that nobody would remember even seeing them walk in. Tasha also destroys the surveillance footage of them. Later, Damien and Page take care of the paperwork for getting a license. The team all work on fixing up the place.

Jake introduces Steve to his LAPD contact, Captain David Garcia. He explains to Garcia that Steve's agents specialize in tainted-related cases. Garcia talks to Steve about the modifications they made at the jail and penitentiary to accommodate tainted convicts.

At the end of the episode, Jake says his goodbyes and leaves town. Tasha feels bad about setting the mansion on fire and goes to see Julie.