Episode 405



Tasha tells Julie that she started the fire at the mansion. And she has been feeling weird lately. Aware of what is happening, Rebecca Grey releases Tasha from her influence. Julie probes Tasha's mind, but cannot find anything to worry about. Tasha tells her not to tell Steve. Julie reluctantly agrees.

The team agrees on the name Nexus Investigations. The ads are out and the office is open for business. Fabien shows up and wants to make peace with the team. They refuse saying he cannot be trusted. He explains he did what he had to do to survive. Tasha loses her temper and sets him on fire. Steve yells at her. She goes out and starts drinking.

That night, Julie tells Steve she is worried about Tasha. Steve is also concerned, but says she and Fabien were close and his betrayal ran a lot deeper with her.

Damien wants to sleep with Page. She says she is not ready. They argue. He thinks it is because she still has feelings for Brandon. She says that is not true. Damien says he thought they had something special, but maybe he was wrong and storms out.

Brandon tells Lilah about the new business. He is very excited about the whole thing. On their way home, they see Tasha drunk. She is setting things on fire. Brandon confronts her. Lilah spots someone videotaping Tasha. She grabs his camera. Moments later, it explodes. Brandon apologizes before knocking Tasha out. He picks her up and they take her home.