Episode 406



Helen Carmichael thinks she has developed a cure for the tainted. Fliers and ads go out looking for tainted volunteers willing to undergo an experimental treatment that could cure them. Helen Carmichael personally oversees the treatments, being conducted at a BioGen facility in the valley. Daniel Bullock (205) is among those who volunteer. At first, it seems to work. Daniel's rocky skin reverts to normal flesh and he seemingly becomes a norm. Thrilled with the results he returns to the tainted safehouse to show his friends. Crystal Marx is concerned when other tainted people want to undergo the procedure. After a while, Daniel's cells become unstable and the DNA begins to break down. Crystal calls Deanna, but there is nothing she can do and Daniel dies. Crystal goes to Nexus Investigations and asks the team for help. The team says several other tainted people have been found dead. They fear that BioGen is back to its currupt ways. They meet and question Helen Carmichael. She does not believe them. Deanna meets with her and explains what the process did to the victims. Helen is devastated that the treatment failed. She honestly wanted to help people. Steve asks her about the neutralizing serum and says the LAPD could really use it to contain tainted criminals in prison. He sets up a meeting between her and Captain Garcia. She agrees to supply the serum to the LAPD.

Page confronts Damien about the fight they had. They break up. Page talks to Julie about it. Page says it was wrong to get involved with Damien and she blew it with Brandon. Damien vents to Steve. Steve understands saying Julie would not sleep with him until they were married. He says it was hard, but Julie was worth the wait. He assures him in the end it will all work out. In the end, Julie goes to check on Tasha and finds her missing.