Episode 407



Tasha shows up at the office after being gone all night. She is a little drunk. Carlos Santiago, owner of a pawnshop on Melrose is telling his problem to the team.

Andrea "Goldfinger" Steve has been pawning off rare gold items that, afer twenty-four hours, are no longer gold. Andrea turns whatever she touches to gold for a day. They investigate and ask about similar occurrences at other pawnshops.

Steve and Julie talk with Tasha. She is irritable and defiant. Julie tries to reach her psychically but is shut out. Tasha says she is sick of them telling her what to do. If they want to fire her, that is their right, but her personal life is her own business. That night Julie tells Steve she couldn't reach Tasha and wonders if Tasha is developing some latent mental powers.

The team eventually tracks Andrea down. She turns Julie to gold and escapes. Steve stays with Julie, but the rest of the team chases after her. The team catches up to her and they talk. She says she has no choice. She cannot work anywhere because she cannot touch anything without turning it to gold. The team tells her Deanna can help her control her powers. They also say they can find her work through their contacts. They tell her she is lucky they got to her before the police. They also say she has to return all the money from their client. She reluctantly agrees when they threaten her with prison.

Deanna examines Julie and says she is in a state of suspended animation and should be fine when the effects wear off. Steve is worried sick about her. At the end of the episode they get into a fight when he tells Julie he does not want her in the field.