Episode 408



Grant Keller reorganizes a group of FGP agents on a quest for revenge for the death of his father (322). Grant has surveillance video of Damien killing his father. He still has the neutralizing serum. He tracks down Damien and follows him to a bar. One of his agents puts a few drops of the serum in Damien's drink. When Damien steps out of the bar, they grab him, throw him into a van, and drive off. Grant tortures Damien and takes pleasure in it. Page is concerned when Damien does not show up at the office. Brandon discovers that she and Damien broke up. Julie tries to find him telepathically. She senses that he is in pain, but cannot locate him. The team splits up and tries to find him. Witnesses at the bar say they saw him abducted outside. They wonder if it was government officials or former FGP agents. They eventually find him in Keller's home. Damien has been tortured and nearly killed. Grant runs. The team chases after him. Grant is hit by a car and killed. Tasha does not seem to care, saying he got what he deserved. Julie is worried about her change in attitude.

Steve and Julie discuss her being in the field. She argues that she is probably the most powerful of everyone on the team. She has been able to do things she never knew she was capable of. Steve apologizes and says he just could not bare the thought of something happening to her.

Brandon tells Lilah that Damien and Page apparently broke up. Lilah breaks up with him. She says this was clearly a rebound relationship and she was fooling herself into thinking it was more. She says he still has feelings for Page. He denies it, but she does not believe him. She says she will always care for him, but they have to be fair with themselves.