Episode 409



Captain Garcia comes to Nexus Investigations for help. He tells them that several banks around the city have been robbed. He says it looks like someone has been able to magnetically break into the vaults. The team believes this to be the work of Victoria Fox (312). Damien and Julie go meet with Helen Carmichael. Helen says Victoria was let go. She says BioGen is a genetics research lab, not a military unit. She says she has severely downsized BioGen's security department. She has no idea where Victoria is. The team uses their contacts and catches up with Victoria at Zander's Bar. A fight breaks out. They tell her they can revert her to a norm, undo BioGen's tainting. She refuses. She loves her powers. She thinks they make her better than everyone else. They shoot her with the serum and call the police. Garcia thanks the team for their help and takes Victoria into custody.

Page decides not to get involved with Brandon or Damien. She tells them both that she cares for both of them, but she thinks they should all be friends. She says having a relationship with either one of them is too complicated.

Tasha is extremely moody. She participates in the mission, but is on shaky ground with Steve and Julie. That night, she apologizes to them. She tells them she feels powerful and she is afraid that it will change her. Steve and Julie accept her apology and promise to be there for her.

Damien sits on the roof, looking out at the city. Julie joins him and they talk. Damien talks about Page and Brandon and his own past. Julie talks about Steve, Tasha, and her own experiences.