Episode 410



Crystal Marx is arrested after several muggings leave people frozen in alleys. She calls the team for help. They call on Calvin Banks (113) to represent her. Captain Garcia says he cannot release her until the team finds whoever they think is behind this. The only other tainted person they know with freezing powers is Raven Lawrence (208). They notice that the attacks are very localized. The team splits up and goes on patrol. Damien and Julie, Tasha and Brandon, Steve and Page. Julie senses a victim's fear and they find Raven. She freezes Steve and Page. She tries to freeze Julie, but she telekinetically stops her. Tasha and Raven face off. Tasha bursts into flames as she unleashes unrelenting fire and heat at Raven. Raven's ice is no match and she eventually catches fire. The team tells Tasha to stop. She is still in flames. Julie telepathically attacks her mind, making Tasha stop. Raven is taken to the hospital. Captain Garcia is called and Crystal is released from jail.

Julie talks to Deanna about Tasha and her own growing powers. Julie talks Tasha into seeing Deanna. They agree to start testing and training together.

Outside of work, Page avoids Brandon and Damien. Brandon and Damien also feel awkward together. They end up talking on the roof. They agree that maybe Page is right. Damien thinks she still sees him as a killer.

That night, Steve and Julie discuss the case and Tasha. Julie is relieved that Tasha is letting Deanna help her.