Episode 411



Nancy Donnel comes to Nexus Investigations for help. While Julie focuses on their problem with Tasha, the rest of the team takes on her case. Nancy is being stalked by Ian Wolf. He has been speaking to her through different people, knowing things he could not know. She knows he is tainted and that is why she broke up with him, but she does not know what his powers are. Damien does not want to help her, calling her a bigot. She is not popular with any of them, but they need the money. It turns out that Ian can see through the eyes of anyone he makes eye contact with. He can also speak through them. He shows up at Nancy's house and when she rejects him again, he tries to kill her. After a fight with the team, he is handcuffed and blindfolded. Captain Garcia arrests him.

Page, Damien, and Brandon still feel awkward around each other as they adjust to just being friends. Brandon and Steve talk about the business, their financial status, and Page and Tasha. Steve beleives she will be fine.

Damien talks to Julie about how uncomfortable he has become around Page and Brandon. Julie gives him advice. He comes to appreciate her advice and sees why the rest of the team comes to her with their problems.

Tasha trains with Deanna. Tasha holds back her powers. Deanna sees this and realizes just how powerful Tasha has become. It scares her.