Episode 412



Harold Newman escaped the explosion in Sydney (322) and still has some of the lethal virus in his possession. Now that BioGen has gone legit, he has hired some local scientists to replicate the formula. He decides to take a more subtle approach, starting a company known as Mount Olympus. Mt. Olympus releases a cosmetics line including make-up, creams, lotions, fragrances, and hair products. Harold incorporates the virus into the formula. Harmless to norms, any tainted person using the products dies. When tainted people begin dying all over the city, John Sullivan (222) calls Nexus Investigations.

The entire team goes to help. They investigate and discover the common link between all the victims is Mt. Olympus products. They locate the company's plant. Page and Steve ask some questions. Meanwhile, Julie, Tasha, Brandon, and Damien sneak around the plant. Brandon and Julie see Harold Newman and discover that he is the owner of the company. Tasha hacks into their computers and discovers that the virus is in their products. Brandon and Julie see a truck full of the products going out. Brandon knocks out the driver and drives the truck out. Steve and Page finish asking questions and leave. Tasha destroys the products at the facility and the shipment Brandon highjacked

The team meets up at John's place. The team calls Leah who does a report exposing the poison in Mt. Olympus products. They also call the authorities and Harold Newman is arrested and will be tried for murder and conspiring to commit murder. The company is shut down and stores remove their products.

Tasha feels better during this mission. Rebecca Grey is frustrated that she cannot reach Tasha.