Episode 413



On their way back from a mission in Hawaii, Steve, Page, Tasha, and Brandon fly into a storm. The plane crashes and they end up on a deserted island. Back at home, Julie and Damien lose communication with the plane. Julie is concerned. On the island, the team is separated. Steve and Tasha together, Brandon and Page together. They cannot get a signal on their cell phones. They roam about the island looking for each other. Steve and Tasha come across several dead and mutilated bodies. They find an old abandoned BioGen facility. A creature created by BioGen is loose on the island and it is hungry. Tasha shoots fire into the sky, hoping to catch the attention of the Coast Guard. Brandon and Page encounter the creature first when it attacks Brandon. He fights with it and he and Page are injured. They spend the night on the island.

Steve and Tasha talk about her powers and she says she is worried that something terrible is going to happen to her. Steve promises her he will not let that happen. Brandon and Page discuss their feelings. She sleeps in his arms. The next day they find each other. Again the creature attacks. Steve electrocutes it, but it turns out there are several creatures on the island. Tasha sets one on fire and it flees. They run to the shore.

Damien and Julie track down where the plane went down. It crashed near an island that is under quarantine. They learn of an old BioGen facility there. Julie and Damien go see Helen Carmichael. She knows nothing about it, but asks a senior BioGen scientist. He tells them about the experiments and the creatures on the island. He says their friends are in grave danger. Damien and Julie go out to the island, find, and rescue their friends. Tasha sets off a huge explosion on the island.