Episode 414



Keri Patton, the wife of Martin Patton, a former BioGen scientist, hires Nexus Investigations to break her husband out of a mental institute. She says BioGen had him locked up when he began talking about a killer tainted cyborg from the future (220). She says her husband is not crazy and he is in there for political reasons. The team says they can get him out, but they will be hunted down. Keri and Martin will have to lay low for a while. Tasha says she can hack into the institution's computers and get rid of any record of her husband, but those who knew him will be looking for him.

Julie and Page go undercover as mental patients. Tasha also goes in as a nurse. Tasha becomes angry when she sees Dr. Colin Prescott (205), Leonard's brother. She accidentally starts a fire. He sees her and the guards go after her. She shoots them with a heat blast that dissintegrates them in seconds. She melts the glass of the windows and escapes. Julie and Page find Martin and tell him they will get him out. They are heard, but the girls use their powers to stop the doctors and guards from coming after them. Julie senses something is wrong with Tasha. They get Martin out, and he and Keri leave town together.

Julie confronts Tasha about the murder of the guards. Tasha says they were going to lock her up in there. Julie says that is no excuse. She asks what is wrong with her. Tasha says Julie is just jealous because she has become more powerful than her.

That night, Julie tells Steve something is very wrong with Tasha. She is not herself. Steve tells her whatever it is they will figure it out. He wants to be intimate with Julie, but she is too distracted. Meanwhile, Brandon and Damien agree to not let Page come between them.