Episode 415



Brandon finds out that his mother was killed while attempting to escape from prison. He talks to Julie about it. This makes Damien wonder about his own family. Damien asks Steve about his past. Steve tells him that he did find out about his parents. His mother died in childbirth. His father had died before he was born.

Damien goes to Helen Carmichael and asks her about his past. It is difficult for him. She also feels uncomfortable discussing the unethical experiments BioGen conducted in the past. She tells him the name of the orphanage where he was found. Damien goes there and discovers his mother was a teenager. He finds out her name and his own birthday. He asks Tasha to find her. She finds out that his mother died in a car accident four years ago. Damien realizes that he really is alone. Tasha is very blunt and rude with him. She makes a comment about Julie being the only one with a real family in the whole team. She walks out of the room leaving Damien alone.

Page talks to Brandon when she finds out about his mother's death. He pushes her away. Page refuses to leave him alone. Brandon says it is not a big deal. He barely knew her and hardly considered her his mother. He brings up his relationship with Page. He says he has been trying to be okay with it, but he cannot shut off his feelings for her. He leaves saying he just needs to be alone.

Damien talks to Julie about what he has learned. He thanks her for being there for him. He says he still has not talked to Page about this. He still feels awkward being alone around her. He says she reminds him of what he once was. Julie says he cannot change his past. He should learn from it and focus on his future. Damien starts developing feelings for Julie.