Episode 416



Page realizes the mess she has made with Brandon and Damien. Her own feelings are driving her crazy. She decides to quit. She tells Steve and Tasha she is leaving. Tasha is cruel saying she is good at running away and how sick they all are of her sordid confused emotional problems. Steve asks her not to go and says they need her. She packs up some things. Brandon confronts her and accuses her of running away. He says she can run from him and Damien all she wants, but she cannot run from her feelings. He lets her go and says he hopes she finds whatever it is she is looking for.

Julie tells Damien about Page. He feels responsible and asks if they are going to let her go. Julie says they cannot force her to stay. Damien says that ever since Grace (315), he has been on edge. He says Page deserves better than that. He has been a cause for her, not a boyfriend. He says it is time he let her go. Julie comforts him. He almost kisses her, but she turns away. He apologizes and leaves.

Brandon talks to Steve about the whole situation. He says he still loves her. Steve tells him not to let her go. Julie comes in as Brandon leaves.

Tasha is walking alone in the rain. She walks past a bar. She stops and after hesitating, she goes in. Across the street in a parked car Rebecca Grey looks on with a smile.

Brandon runs after Page on a rainy night. He tells her not to go because he loves her and kisses her.