Episode 417



Tasha goes to a bar and starts drinking. Julie walks in and sits next to her. She asks her what she is doing and tells her she is taking her home. Tasha refuses to go. Julie uses her powers to make Tasha obey. Back at Tasha's place, she breaks down. She says she has not felt like herself for some time now. She is afraid she may be going crazy. Julie offers to help and Tasha lets her. Julie faces resistance as she tries to connect psychically with Tasha. This time she fights hard and breaks through the barrier. Rebecca Grey orders her henchmen to leave her alone as she tries to fight off Julie's probe. Julie sees Rebecca's face in Tasha's mind. Rebecca abruptly opens her eyes after Julie sees her. Rebecca retaliates by knocking Tasha unconscious. Julie is kicked out of Tasha's mind.

Brandon and Page confess their feelings to each other, but agree to take things slow. They see Damien and it is awkward for a moment. He tells them he is glad that they are back together. They are relieved that he is okay with them being together.

Steve and Damien take on a case where they must follow the client's wife and get proof of her infidelity prior to their divorce proceedings. They follow her in a car and take pictures of her and the other man. They talk about Julie and Page. Damien asks about how things are with Steve and Julie. Steve notices and says he and Julie are great. They also discuss the case and Tasha's change in personality.

On their way home, they get a call from Julie and go to the medical center. The rest of the team is already there. Tasha is unconscious and under Deanna's care. Julie takes Steve aside and tells him that Rebecca Grey is behind this. Steve asks how she is doing this and what she wants from Tasha. Julie does not know, but they need to find out.