Episode 418



Tasha is in a deep sleep. Flashbacks of every difficult thing she went through, her parent's death, Johnny's murder, Fabien's betrayal, being arrested for DUI, Kimberly yelling at her, and more... As she weakens, Rebecca Grey's control becomes more absolute.

Julie sits at her bedside, searching for Tasha's consciousness, but she cannot find her. She walks through Tasha's memories and finds Tasha standing beside Rebecca Grey. They both raise their hands up against Julie and she is thrust out of Tasha's mind. The shock is so great, that Julie falls to the ground, disoriented. Tasha abruptly wakes up and gets out of bed. One of Deanna's nurses tries to stop her. She disintegrates him and escapes. Deanna comes in to find Julie on the floor.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team talks to their contacts trying to find Rebecca Grey. The team all discusses why she chose Tasha. Steve mentions the footage of the firestorm Tasha created in London and what an awesome manifestation of power it was (322). Julie points out the real concern; what does Rebecca plan to do with that power. The team says Rebecca was seen at Zander's a couple of months ago, but has not been seen since.

At night, Julie tells Steve that it takes a lot to take over someone's mind from a distance. Rebecca is much more powerful than she was the last time they faced off.

At the end of the episode, Tasha shows up at Rebecca's hideout. Rebecca welcomes her with a hug.