Episode 419



Tasha is completely evil and under Rebecca's control. Her first task is to destroy the LAPD's headquarters. Tasha shows up at the front door. Suddenly, the entire building explodes and is consumed by flames. The black smoke fills the sky.

The team sees what happened on the news. Captain Garcia calls them. Steve promises him that they will take care of it. Tasha starts taking out a few more police stations. Garcia says she is targeting all the precincts that have been outfitted to hold tainted criminals. The team finally confronts her at one of them. She warns them to stay out of her way. They refuse. Tasha blows up the building behind them, injuring Brandon and Page. Steve shoots electricity at her, but it just seems to fuel her flames. She unleashes a fireball at the team. They disperse. When they turn around, Tasha is gone. They take Brandon and Page to the medical center, where Deanna tends to their injuries. Deanna warns them about how powerful and dangerous Tasha really is. Julie is surprised that Rebecca has such total control over Tasha. She says they have to find Rebecca. She says she must be well protected, that controlling Tasha must take extreme concentration and focus. She says she cannot break through unless Rebecca's focus is broken. Steve and the rest of the team start searching and putting out the word. Julie says she will continue to try to find Rebecca telepathically.

Steve and Damien go to Zander's. Brandon and Page reach out to their contacts. Brandon talks about his worst fear; that they may have to kill one of his closest friends. Page tells him if Julie succeeds, it will not come to that.