Episode 420



Steve calls on Crystal and Kevin Marx. Their powers of ice and water will be needed to contain the devastation Tasha is unleashing. Rebecca sends Tasha out on her next task, to destroy BioGen. Tasha attacks one of their labs in the valley. Upon learning of this, Steve contacts Helen Carmichael and tells her to evacuate all of the BioGen facilities immediately. Helen begins evacuating BioGen when Tasha shows up. She begins hurling fireballs at the building. Julie, Damien, Crystal, and Kevin show up and confront her.

Steve, Brandon, and Page follow a lead and find Rebecca's hideout. A big fight breaks out with Rebecca's henchmen. When Rebecca is forced to use her powers against the team, her hold on Tasha weakens. Tasha's resolve begins to falter and Julie tries to reach her telepathically. Tasha asks Julie to help her, before falling back under Rebecca's control again. Rebecca escapes from the team, but they have her henchmen.

Leah Parker is concerned as she covers the mayhem caused by Tasha. She cannot cover for her this time. She talks to the team and they explain what is going on. Tasha escapes from the team, but they were able to save most of the BioGen employees. The team realizes that Rebecca is attacking all the places that hold the neutralizing serum. They rush back to the medical center, which is in deed, under attack. Deanna is seriously injured. They find her and get her out as the facility burns to the ground.