ABLAZE - Part One

Episode 421



The team meets at Nexus Investigations along with Leah Parker, Deanna, Crystal and Kevin Marx. They have one of the henchmen tied up. He seems to be Rebecca's second in command. They mention that his men are all in custody. Julie wants to use her powers. Page stops her and tells her to conserve her energy for the inevitable task of saving Tasha. Page uses her powers on the man and he tells them Rebecca's plans. She is taking Tasha to Washington D.C. and plans to take over the federal government. Steve goes into a panic for a moment. Julie calms him down. He regains his composure. He tells Julie to call Rachel Fields. He tells Brandon to call Jake and see if he can warn them down in Washington. He does and Jake immediately calls his contacts in D.C.

Rachel joins them and they all head down to the nation's capitol. Meanwhile, Rebecca and Tasha land in Washington. Rebecca's first target is the Supreme Court. Tasha creates a huge explosion in the building. Next is The Capitol. As authorities rush to the Court, Rebecca and Tasha walk right up the steps to the Capitol. The team shows up and confronts them. This time, Rebecca's only protection is Tasha. Page and Steve help people evacuate the building. Meanwhile, the rest of the team fights with Tasha. Rachel tries to get to Rebecca, but cannot get past Tasha.

Rebecca's focus weakens. Tasha does not blow up the building but causes fires in several areas of the complex. She shoots fireballs at the team. They scatter. Crystal and Kevin try to extinguish her flames. Damien tackles Tasha. Rebecca is suddenly afraid and flees. Tasha's flames do not burn Damien. She unleashes a fireball knocking him into his teammates. Rebecca talks through Tasha telling them they are no match for her. Tasha shoots flames at them. She creates a huge wall of fire between her and the team and escapes. When the flames around them go out, they see an explosion coming from The White House....

To Be Continued...