ABLAZE - Part Two

Episode 422 - Season Finale



The team rushes to The White House, which is in flames. Steve tells Damien he has to sit this one out. They fight. Steve says they need Rachel to absorb Damien's powers so she can get close to Tasha and absorb some of her powers. Damien reluctantly agrees and wishes them luck. Rachel steals his powers and goes in with the team. Crystal and Kevin begin putting out the flames. Julie tells the team to focus their attack on Rebecca.

Inside, Tasha and Rebecca stand in the oval office. President Henry Wright is down on his knees before them. As Rebecca begins making her demands, the team barges in. The place is full of badly burned corpses of Secret Service Agents. A fight breaks out. Julie telekinetically moves The President out of harm's way. She begins to hurl objects at Tasha telekinetically. The rest of the team attacks Rebecca weakening her hold on Tasha. Rachel grabs Tasha from behind and absorbs some of her powers. It is too much and she is hurled against the wall in flames.

Julie is able to telepathically break into Tasha's mind. Inside Tasha's mind, Julie and Rebecca fight for control. She sees Tasha's consciousness tied to a chair and gagged. Julie asks her to help. Rebecca pushes the chair and Tasha falls into a black abyss.

In the oval office, Tasha and Julie stand still with their eyes closed. The team continues to attack Rebecca. Rachel recovers and grabs her, weakening her further.

In Tasha's mind, Julie defeats Rebecca. Rebecca, Tasha, and Julie suddenly collapse in the middle of the Oval Office. Page asks if that is it? They look around at the carnage around them.

Later, The President thanks Steve. In the end, Steve joins the team at the hospital, where Julie, Tasha, and Rebecca are all unconscious. Deanna says they are all exhibiting minimal brain activity and she does not know if they will ever wake up. Steve sits by Julie's bed trying to keep from crying.