Episode 501 - Season Premiere



Steve is sitting by Julie's bedside in a hospital in Los Angeles. Page is sitting at Nexus Investigations in case a new client calls or comes in. Damien is on the roof of the building looking out at the L.A. skyline. Brandon is sitting by Tasha's bed. Deanna visits both Tasha and Julie. Julie wakes up, Tasha and Rebecca do not. Julie's parents are notified and they get on a plane to Los Angeles. Julie desperately tries to wake Tasha up, but it is no use. Deanna says that Julie cannot help her. If she wakes up, she will have to do it on her own. Julie is devastated. Meanwhile, Steve and the team are happy that she woke up. It has been three months!

We see that the president is still grateful to Steve and the team for saving his life. Billy Quinn calls Steve. He tells him and the team to withdraw all of their money from the banks and to cash in all of their investments immediately. He does not explain. Steve trusts him enough to do what he says.

Leah Parker reports Ethan Evans' Aramis Technologies has been commissioned by the Federal Government to upgrade all their security systems. We see Ethan meeting with President Wright. Ethan is clearly against the tainted. He says that he would like a grant to create advanced androids that could defend against the tainted. Wright agrees. Victoria "Magnetica" Fox escapes from prison and is chased by the police. At the end of the episode, Victoria unleashes an electromagnetic pulse that wipes out the power grid and all the electronics within range. The lights go out at Nexus Investigations.