Episode 502



The team finds Steve passed out on the floor. The power is still out, as are the phones. Nothing works. Julie is worried about Steve. He slowly wakes up. Nobody knows what happened. They step outside and see that nothing is working. Traffic lights, cars, all have stopped dead in their tracks. They see a dark cloud of smoke coming from the airport. Steve gets into his car and tries to use his powers to jumpstart it, but his powers do not work. He gets a little concerned. He tries other things, but his powers are gone. He decides not to tell anyone.

In Washington, President Wright is briefed on what happened. He is told that an electromagnetic pulse was set off in Los Angeles. The president fears the worst. They assure him no nuclear weapons are involved. The President declares a State of Emergency as the pulse has affected a huge region in Southern California.

The team goes out on bikes and sees the chaos outside. Many people are leaving their cars and walking along the streets and freeways. The team makes it to Captain Garcia's precinct. He is in a panic saying that this is unheard of. Even cell phones are out. One cop has a small battery operated transistor radio. It reports about the blackout blanketing the area. They learn that it was an electromagnetic pulse. The military has been dispatched. Emergency personnel including firefighters and paramedics are on their way from neighboring areas. Efforts are already under way to repair the power.

Brandon realizes that Julie's parents should have arrived at LAX by now. He tells Julie. The team hijacks an old run down pick-up truck (non-electric) and make their way to the airport. Julie uses her powers to move the stalled vehicles out of their way. It is a mess with several plane crashes. Emergency personnel are arriving via helicopters and are pulling people out of the various wrecks. Julie and the team look for her parents amid the chaos.