Episode 503



At the airport, the team splits up in search of Darrel and Lynnette Smith. Brandon finds them dead. Julie sees them and breaks down in tears as paramedics take their bodies away. The team all goes down to New Orleans. There is a funeral for Julie's parents. Julie's sister, Emma, is devastated. One of Julie's aunts says she can take her in. After talking it over with Steve and Emma, they decide that Emma should come live with them. Julie has to fight and argue with her relatives who do not want Emma to go live with her. They also try to convince Julie to move out of Los Angeles since it is in chaos because of the pulse. Page comforts Brandon, who is also devastated by their deaths. Damien feels awkward and is not sure how to act.

Leah Parker is frustrated at work as she has to write out all her reports by hand. They are also waiting for new equipment from their affiliates. She walks around with a pen and pad taking note of the damage and effects of the pulse.

The team returns home with Emma. Emma and Julie seem distant. Damien and Page discuss the pulse. They are convinced that Victoria Fox is behind this. Meanwhile, Victoria is terrified at what she has done. She goes to Helen Carmichael at BioGen begging her to undo what BioGen did to her. Helen tells her that all their equipment and records were wiped out by the pulse and they cannot help her.

Ethan Evans visits Ellen Henry (321) in prison. It turns out that she is his sister. He tells her that the president has commissioned Aramis to construct androids for the secret service. He tells her he will get her out soon. She tells him how proud she is of him.