Episode 504



Steve gets into a fight with Billy Quinn. Billy says he knew about the pulse, but not about Julie's parents. He stresses that he cannot mess with the timeline. He is not God. He also warns that things will get worse before they get better. Steve is also concerned that they have not been getting paying clients lately. Julie and Emma come to terms with their new living arrangement. Page hangs out with Emma, but Emma would rather spend more time with Brandon. She has a crush on him.

Leah is having a tough time at work, as the anarchy outside gets worse. Many of her co-workers treat her badly. Some begin to think she is tainted. When she goes home and finds her place ransacked, she meets with the team. Leah tells them some of the stories she has come across. She is afraid to even go outside. The team tells her she can stay in their building as long as she wants. Leah asks Steve if he can use his powers to reestablish some power. Steve simply gets up and walks out. Julie follows him. He tells her that he hasn't been able to use his powers since the pulse. He asks her not to tell anyone.

Damien tells Brandon that he may have feelings for Julie. Brandon tells him not to go there. Steve is the jealous type and Julie loves him.

Emergency personnel are working around the clock outside. The police precincts are flooded with complaints, as are the fire department and hospitals. Captain Garcia is very upset and has been working nonstop since the pulse hit. Meanwhile, at the Aramis Technologies Plant in Virginia, Ethan Evans watches as the first androids come off the assembly line. They look exactly like normal people. We see that President Wright is behind him looking on.