Episode 505



The team goes out on patrol. Emma tags along with Julie, who is a little overprotective. Steve remains in the office. They use their powers to stop the looting and other crimes going on around town. Julie and Brandon also use their powers to clear blocked roadways and help emergency personnel. The others ask about Steve, saying his powers could help. Julie tells them he has stuff to do back at the office.

Steve is called in to meet with Commissioner Thomas Klein and Captain Garcia. They tell him they want to recruit the team into the LAPD. At first, Steve thinks it is a joke. They lay out all the details. They need them especially since the pulse. Steve talks it over with the team. They are reluctant, but are realistic about their current financial status. They agree with the condition that Steve be their commanding officer.

Julie convinces Steve to see Deanna. She runs some tests on him. She tells him she does not know if his powers will return. Steve asks about Tasha. Deanna says there is no change. He goes in to see her.

Julie talks to Damien. She tells him she senses his feelings. He says he has tried to stop feeling this way, but cannot help it. She tells him she is married and that she is very much in love with Steve. Steve overhears the conversation.

At the end of the episode, Steve and Damien get into a fight over Julie. Damien notices that Steve does not use his powers.