Episode 506



Leah decides to officially move in to one of the apartments above the team's offices. Damien helps her move her stuff. They talk about how the pulse changed everything. They joke about how he was going to use the GAD on her when they first met (102). She says that seems like a lifetime ago. He tells her that he is avoiding Steve and tells her about Julie and the fight with Steve.

Androids have been placed around the perimeter of the Capitol, Supreme Court, and The White House, which are all still under reconstruction. The androids can detect the presence of the tainted and are programmed to engage them if they come within a certain distance. Ethan Evans tries to persuade President Wright to create an elite android force to exterminate the tainted. He tells him he is close to creating artificial intelligence, androids that can think. President Wright refuses. Evans tells him that one tainted person was responsible for the EMP in Los Angeles. He can stop something like that from happening again. Wright refuses, calling it unconstitutional. Ethan then conspires with Vice President Raymond Barton. Barton is very anti-tainted and fully supports Ethan's plan.

Steve and Julie argue. She is angry at him for fighting with Damien. Emma screams at them to stop fighting and leaves. She goes to Brandon and hangs out with him and Page as they oversee the LAPD equipment being moved into their offices. When Emma and Brandon are alone, she tells him she blames Julie for her parents' death.

Captain Garcia officially welcomes the team to the force. He explains their procedure and gives them all badges and walkie-talkies. He also gives them CBs to put in their vehicles. Damien talks to Steve and apologizes. Steve reluctantly accepts his apology.