Episode 507



Brandon saves Tricia Lopez from a few thugs on the street. She then injects him with something and the thugs kidnap him. Brandon wakes up in an abandoned warehouse chained up. Tricia begins to torture him, all the while telling him how he has ruined her life. When Brandon learns that she is the daughter of Russell Lopez (109), he is devastated and overwhelmed with guilt. Page goes out to look for Brandon. She learns of the kidnapping. She follows the clues leading to the warehouse. She uses her powers on the thugs and sends them away. Inside, she fights hand to hand with Tricia. She frees Brandon and calls for back-up. Uniformed cops arrive and arrest Tricia and the thugs. Page uses her powers on the thugs to make sure they will confess. The cops take them away and Page takes Brandon home. Emma is relieved when Brandon comes home and offers to nurse him back to health. He assures her, he will be fine.

Brandon talks to Damien about Russell Lopez and Tricia. Damien has killed people in the past, and knows what he is going through. He tells him that it was an accident and that Brandon needs to get past it.

Steve and Julie respond to a body found in an alley off Sunset. They recognize her. It is Victoria Fox! After the coroner's report it is concluded that it was suicide. The team tells Captain Garcia that she was responsible for the pulse and the guilt over its effects was more than she could bear. Julie convinces Steve to tell the team about the loss of his powers.