Episode 508



President Wright is assassinated. Vice President Barton takes office. Aramis achieves Artificial Intelligence. Barton has Evans begin mass production of the AI androids and tells him he wants the U.S. to be a tainted-free nation.

The team is shocked by the news of President Wright's death. The official cause is a heart attack. Around town, businesses are slowly re-opening, as the city now has gotten most of the power back online.

Julie and Emma get into a big fight when Emma finally tells Julie that she blames her for their parents' death. They were coming to see her when they died. Julie and Emma ultimately resolve their issues.

The team investigates a murder at an office downtown. It turns out that Bart De Nova can control other people's bodies. After questioning Anthony Fino, the man who committed the murder, Julie learns that he was not in control of his body at the time. Brandon and Julie go undercover at the company. Damien and Page question all the employees. They learn that Bart had motive. When he is discovered, he tries to turn Brandon on Julie. Julie uses her telekinesis to keep Brandon at bay and attacks Bart's mind. Bart passes out and wakes up in jail.

Damien bumps into Leah. She asks him how he likes being a cop. He says he likes the authority of it. She asks about Steve and Julie and he says they are okay. He admits he has always fallen for the wrong women. They go out for drinks together.