Episode 509



Damien thinks he sees Valerie Carter, the woman that took him in and taught him how to live a life of crime. He had led a mutiny and overthrew her. He tries to follow her, but she is lost in the crowd. Damien remains distracted back in the office. Steve asks him what is going on. Damien refuses to tell him. Back in his apartment he sits in the dark (possible flashbacks of him and Valerie).

Bruce Mancini (106) is found dead and Brandon and Julie are assigned the case. He was brutally killed. When the reports come in, they discover that he was not cut up, but ripped apart. The team thinks it was a tainted criminal with super strength. They go through their files of known tainted people. When another tainted victim is found, they realize that someone has the ability to detect the tainted and is hunting them down. They pay a visit to Helen Carmichael at BioGen. She assures them that they have abandoned all such projects. No cyborgs or mind control agents have been produced. BioGen is still recovering from the pulse. They are baffled by the murder. There were no forensic clues at the scene or on the body.

Ethan speaks with the Vice President. He tells him that his first AI android has already taken out two tainted people in L.A.

Steve asks Page to stop by Damien's place. He knows something is wrong. Page tries to talk with Damien, but he refuses to talk to her and leaves. He drives around looking for Valerie. Deanna calls Steve and says she may have a way to get him his powers back, but it will be painful.