Episode 510



Damien finds Valerie. He is happy to see her. She is also glad, but more reserved. She tells him that rumor has it he had changed. She touches his face. He asks her what she is doing here. She tells him she is being followed by someone. She thinks it is a government agent. They are attacked by the android. Damien helps fight it off. He defeats it and they discover that it is an android. He takes it back to the office. The entire team is fascinated by the technology. Valerie stays with Damien. He describes her as an old friend. She is still evil, though. Valerie asks Damien why he is helping her; she would not have done the same for him. The last time they saw each other, he nearly killed her.

Page knows a little about Valerie from her days in Damien's gang. She tells him he has put the entire team at risk by bringing her here and he needs to tell them who she is.

Steve tells Julie about the procedure. It could kill him. Julie does not want him to do it, but she knows how badly he wants it. She goes with him to Deanna. Deanna uses paddles and shocks Steve several times. He screams out in pain each time. Afterwards, he tries to use his powers and they are back.

Emma begins hearing things at night. She also finds that she has the ability to see great distances and zoom in on them. She is afraid of it and does not tell anyone. Emma goes to school. She passes out from hearing the thousands of voices around her at once. Julie picks her up and asks her what is wrong, but she does not tell.