Episode 511



Ethan is shocked that one of his androids was taken out. Still, he has unleashed them in all the major cities. We see attacks and murders in various cities being committed by the androids. Leah sees the reports and tells the team. They try to find the origin of the androids and come up with Aramis Technologies. Brandon and Page question people at the Los Angeles offices. They deny having anything to do with the androids and do not believe the questions they are being asked. When they are asked about the contract with the Federal Government, they say it is classified and cannot be revealed for National Security. Page uses her powers to learn the limited information the LA Branch is privy to.

Valerie goes on a stealing spree and returns with new clothes. Damien gets upset with her and tells her he will have to arrest her if she does not stop. He tries to tell her that she does not have to live like this. She tells him she enjoys it. He tells her it will get her killed. Valerie realizes that he really cares about what happens to her. They sleep together.

Two androids are parked outside Emma's school. They detect that she is tainted. She can hear them talking to each other and realizes they are coming after her. She runs and bumps into Robert Paris (311). He gives her a ride. As they drive off, Robert has his other bodies facing off with the androids. He is hurt while driving, from the fighting outside. His other bodies dissipate. Emma has no idea who he is. He introduces himself and takes her to a safehouse. She wants to go home, but he tells her home is no longer safe. She meets Crystal Marx. They already know each other. Crystal calls Julie and she and Steve go to the safehouse. They all discuss the androids. Julie is hurt that Emma did not talk to her about her newfound powers.