Episode 512 - 100th Episode



Tasha wakes up. She is devastated by the carnage she caused. She is also afraid of her own powers. The team is thrilled that she is awake. They help her deal with her guilt and try to tell her that it was Rebecca, not her, that was responsible. Tasha has a hard time accepting that. After a night under observation, she is allowed to go home. Everything is different to her. The team tells her about the pulse and their recruitment into the LAPD.

Damien tries to turn Valerie away from her criminal ways. She considers it, when suddenly, cops barge into Damien's apartment. They are very rough with Valerie and he tries to calm everyone down. Valerie uses her powers and kills the cops. She kisses Damien and says it is too late for her. She runs out.

Emma asks Julie and Steve what will happen to Tasha now. They say they are not sure. They explained to the authorities that Tasha was being used as a weapon by Rebecca Grey. They suspect if Rebecca ever wakes up, she will face the death penalty.

Ethan Evans asks President Barton to pardon his sister, Ellen Henry (503). Barton does and she is released from prison. Ethan shows her the androids he is creating.