Episode 513



Tasha tries to move on and considers rejoining the team. She meets with Captain Garcia. He tells her that she will have to display complete control over her powers, but that he can convince the commissioner to recruit her into Steve's department. She tells him she will have to think about it.

Later, Brandon and Tasha are attacked by one of the androids and she uses her powers for the first time since the attack on Washington (422). It is too much for her to handle and she runs away. She realizes that she cannot control it, not completely. Brandon talks to Julie about what happened.

Damien faces an investigation by internal affairs for aiding and harboring Valerie. He explains that he believes she can be rehabilitated. He was close to reaching her when the officers barged in and drove her away. He says it is because of them that she is out there. He talks to Page about the whole situation with Valerie. Page asks Brandon to help them find Valerie. He is hesitant, but agrees to help.

FBI agents show up at the precinct to question Tasha about Washington. Steve and Julie talk to them first. Afterwards, they speak with Tasha in front of Steve and Julie. They ultimately decide not to charge her with anything. Later, the agents show up at the hospital and kill Rebecca Grey, deciding it was too dangerous to keep her alive.

Tasha tells Julie about the android that attacked her and how she almost lost control of her powers. Julie tells her to start training with Deanna again. Tasha says she does not want to. She admits to actually enjoying the freedom and loss of control she felt in Washington and it scares her. Julie and Steve talk about their concern for Tasha that night.