Episode 514



Tasha decides not to use her powers anymore. She tells Brandon that she plans on leaving town. Brandon tries to talk her out of it. He tells the others and they each talk with Tasha. She does not change her mind and deep down they feel that she is right. They all say their goodbyes and vow to keep in touch.

Damien is suspended. He uses his time off to search for Valerie with Brandon and Page. They tell Damien that she most likely left town and there is no telling where she could have gone. They tell him he has to let her go, not everyone can be saved. He has a hard time accepting that.

Steve begins feeling pressure from his superiors when more tainted murder victims are discovered. The team thinks that there are several androids out there and search for a possible assembly plant.

Emma's powers are developing faster and she is having trouble blocking out other people's voices. Julie takes her to Deanna. Deanna tells Julie about a ranch where she has set up a training facility for young tainted people whose powers are just starting to emerge. She thinks it would be a good environment for Emma. At first, Julie refuses. After discussing it with Steve and Emma, they agree to send her to Deanna's ranch.