Episode 515



Julie and Steve take Emma to Deanna's ranch, where she joins other tainted teens. It is difficult for Julie to let her go, but Emma is happy to be there and Deanna assures her Emma will be fine.

Julie and Page go undercover as prostitutes when women are found dead, dried up with no water in their bodies. The girls go out on the streets and question other girls. They get into a fight with some of them. They note the different cars that stop to solicit them. When another girl is found dead, they put out an APB for the vehicle that picked her up. Page gets picked up by the killer, Barry Corbin. He takes her to a motel room. He jumps on top of her. Page has a flashback from an attempted rape back when she was a teenager. She is too distraught to even use her powers. He kisses her and begins to suck the moisture out of her body. The team breaks in and arrests Barry. Page is really shaken up. Julie is upset that they cannot do more for these girls. Captain Garcia says that they can keep arresting them, but they always go back.

Page tells Julie about what happened to her when she first discovered her powers. She thought she had gotten past it, but this case has brought it all back. Brandon tries to comfort Page, but she shies away from his touch. She says she just needs to be alone. Julie tells Brandon to be patient with her, but does not tell him what Page told her.

Damien uses their contacts to locate a property owned by a subsidiary of Aramis Technologies outside of town.