Episode 516



Brandon and Julie investigate a case involving what appear to be cannibals. A victim is in the hospital with severe injuries and human teeth marks. They question the victim and he says there was a pack of people, but they acted like wild animals. They go to the site of the attack, searching for more clues. One of the killers jumps on Brandon from the fire escape and bites him. Brandon grabs him and hurls him into the wall. They cuff him and take him into custody. He does not speak, only grunts and growls.

Meanwhile, Steve and Damien go to the Aramis assembly plant outside of town. They are not allowed in without a warrant. Steve tries to get one from the DA's office.

Page is called in when the victim in the hospital gets violent and attacks the doctors and nurses in the hospital. The doctors do not know what is wrong with him. Page calls Deanna. She figures it out and works on an antidote for the virus. She says the virus has to be injected into the blood.

At the same time, Brandon begins acting strangely and runs off. Damien and Page help Julie track down Brandon to the park where they find him with a pack of infected people eating away at a jogger. Julie realizes that Brandon is functioning purely on instinct and is not thinking at all.

Brandon jumps on top of Page. Julie and Damien come to her aid. They fight and capture the pack. Deanna administers the antidote. One of the killers tells them who his dealer is. They find the drug dealer, Clay Dougherty, and arrest him.

Brandon tries to apologize to Page, but she is too traumatized to accept it. Brandon admits to Julie that he now understands what Tasha was talking about when she said part of her liked losing control.